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Yoga / climbing Orpierre


Prices and dates

Guiding, teaching and coaching: 308€/pers.

Number of participants:
4 ppl. min - 8 max.

Accomodation: Campsites and Gites (ex. les Drailles) in the village of Orpierre (see: Partners)

Dates for 2016:

You are a group of at least 4 ppl: Contact me to choose your own dates



General condidions
Registration sheet


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Helen and Anne, invite you to discover yoga and climbing in the timeless countryside of Provence.

Through the practice of asanas (postures) inspired primarily from the rigorous Iyengar yoga tradition, you shall develop a deeper understanding of your range of movement, of your physical self in space and your postural alignment. Through this developing sense of your own body you will be able to improve your coordination and movement in every day life but also on the rock.

Breath awareness and breathing exercises will become a valuable tool to aide in times of difficulty giving you practical means to relax and bring your emotions under control on and off the rock.

Moreover, active recovery will repair your body from any excessive strain endured during the day’s climbing while preparing your body and mind for the challenges of the next day.

This course is designed for:

  • those wishing to discover both rock climbing and the practice of yoga,
  • and/or, those people already experienced in rock climbing and or yoga wishing to improve and deepen their practice.

NB: Orpierre has many different climbing sectors with routes of all grades, it thus poses no problem to have a mixed level group.


The course takes place in Orpiere a sunny little village at the meeting of the department of the Hautes Alpes (05) and the department of the Alpes de Haute Provence (04). Due to the many orientations of the different climbing areas around Orpierre, it is possible to climb from March through to November. One of the most frequented crags of the area, it boasts almost 500 routes ranging from grade 3 to grade 8 sport climbing with a multitude of different climbing styles.



Climbing aims:

For beginners:

  • Introduction to and learn how to use the climbing material (harness, rope, belaying devises, slings) prendre connaissance et savoir utiliser le matériel (baudrier, longe, corde, matériels d’assurage frein)
  • Climbing from bottom rope to lead climbing including learning the necessary safety rules to become autonomous on the rock.

For already experience climbers:

  • Improve coordination and movement to gain confidence and learn how to relax, use rests; leading the line of the route; better belaying; “on sight” climbing and “working” a route.

Aims in Yoga:

  • Introduction and practice of a series of postures aimed at warming up the joints and muscles at the beginning of the day, going from a general body warm up to a more specific practice adapted especially for the exertions of climbing
  • Expand upon and deepen the basis of your practice in particular as regards the correct alignment of your postures;
  • Introduction to the use of props – bricks, bolsters, belts allowing people of all ages and health conditions to perform the asana with ease and thus experience the benefits of the postures from day 1;
  • Understand and put into practice the importance of recovery and regeneration after physical exertion, such as rock climbing, through stretching and directed rest;
  • Breathe awareness and breathing exercises to bring relaxation and aid in concentration.


During the Yoga - climbing course we propose to organise the two activities in the following manner:

Day 1: Meeting at 9 a.m. in the village square in front of the fountain to organise the climbing material before leaving to climb.

We shall finish climbing around 17-18hr so that you can take a shower and change before an evening yoga practice from 19hr to 20hr30

Day 2: Morning yoga session with Helen from 10 to 11.30. We shall then leave for a full days climbing (from 12.00 to 20hr for those motivated), picnic at the crag.

Day 3: Morning yoga session from 10 to 12 where we revisit in more detail what has already been seen earlier in the week. This will be an apportunity to gain a little more confidence and autonomy in your practice, allowing you to introduce some basic asana and yoga sequences into your everyday life. 

After this 2hr yoga class, Anne will meet you in the afternoon at around 15hr for a short afternoon climbing session of aprox. 3-4 hours.

Day 4: Same schedule as day 1. After the evening yoga session we invite you to join us for a meal at the local pub or restaurant for the last night of the course.

Day 5: Same schedule as day 2, allowing you to finish your climbing day whenever is the most convenient for you, in terms of your journey home.

Over the 4 days, the climbing themes we shall look at are those described in the course content. Each client shall go at his own rhythm depending on his starting knowledge and experience and the objectives set. The climbing area and routes shall be decided at the end of each day as a function of these objectives and the progress made


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