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Price and Dates

Guiding and teaching: 320 € per person

Number of participants : min 4, max 6.

Accomodation NOT arranged by us. Camping and Gites available in Orpierre (see: Info>Addresses)

Dates 2016 :

NB : The programme may be subject to changes due to bad weather and is adapted according to the experience and fitness level of the participants. 


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This course is a real panache of sporting activities on rock and in the water.

It is designed for those wishing to discover climbing, canyoning and via-ferrate in a fun and safe environment. It is adapted for families and or groups of friends and associates.

The climbing initiation classes will teach you the basic safety rules and procedures and essential rope techniques that shall then be used and added to during the other activities on the course.

Via-ferrata, mixing aspects of hiking and climbing is an opportunity to discover rock faces otherwise inaccessible and thus to experience, in complete safty, height and exposure normally reserved for experienced rock climbers and mountaineers. Canyoning is a fun way to look at rope work and to keep cool in the summer while jumping and sliding down a gorge!


Base camp for the course is the little village of Orpierre on the edge of two departments, the Hautes Alpes (05) and the Alpes de Hautes Provence (04). From here the course will takes us to different locations, a maximum of 2 hours from Orpierre, for the different activities throughout the week.



EscaClimbing (1.5 days): as well as for the simple pleasure of discovering this sport, these days will serve as a basis to learn techniques necessary for the other activities proposed during the course.


Canyoning (1 day) : descent of the canyon takes place in the water using rope work (such as abseiling), jumps, natural toboggans and swimming.


Via-ferrata (1,5 days) : an activity accessible to all, that consists in following a sporting itinerary splayed out across rocky walls, equipped with cables, steps, ladders, and other elements that can be used to facilitate the climb while at the same time guaranteeing safety and fun.


Day 1 : Meeting point at 10 a.m. in the village square next to the fountain. Distribution of climbing material and description of the crag before heading off for a full days sport climbing.

The day shall start with bottom rope climbing.

  • Learn how to tie a figure of eight knot and belay someone on bottom rope
  • Safety rules
  • A few basic climbing movement techniques.

Day 2 : Morning, climbing session reviewing and deepening the previous day’s lessons and an introduction to abseiling. In the afternoon we shall head to the via-ferrata d'Agnielle or Devoluy depending on the level of the group.

Day 3 : Full day sports climbing where we shall start to look at lead climbing (NB: each person progresses at his own pace and the proposed itinerary and program will be adapted according to the level and development of each person over the course of the week).

Day 4 : 10 a.m. start, leaving for the Canyon de Rouanette situated in the beautiful mountainous setting of Ancelle, just above the town of Gap in the 05. The canyon is easy and fun. The descent involves a sequence of short toboggans, various abseils and jumps that end up in a huge pool where slides and dives are a must! Last but not least, however is the spectacular waterfall at the end of the day. This is a great day out for an introduction to canyoning.

Day 5 : The via ferrata of the Motte du Caire in the 04, called, La grande Fistoire, this via ferrata is the largest and most renowned in the region for its athletic and exposed character. With its varied terrain and divers obstacles, (aerial bridges, rope brides, vertical rungs, tyrolean…), thrills and adventure are guaranteed!

The day and course should end at around 17hr at the car park of Motte du Caire. Possible to be dropped off at the train station in Sisteron around 17h30-18h00 should you be taking the train.

NOTE: It is possible to arrange a pick up from the station of Château-Arnoux or Sisteron on the first day of the course depending on your time of arrival. For options contact us at (+33 (0)6 89 65 14 59). Please include this information on your Booking Form!


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