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Prices and dates

Price for child under 12 yr: 35 € (3hr)
Price for child over >12yr: 38 € (3hr)
Course leaves for 4 ppl.
Group price: contact us!

The price includes teaching and loan of material.

Dates :


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Climbing is an activity accessible to all age groups, provided one is in good health with a minimum level of fitness. Through climbing one can experience the outdoors in picturesque landscapes while fulfilling different criteria of interest:

  • the physical aspect of this particular sport
  • the calm and picturesque settings
  • and, the mental side of the sport that demands a journey towards self confidence, self control, overcoming personal limitations, real or imagined…
The many facets of rock climbing make it a first choice activity for many people from different age groups and backgrounds.


The Baume in Sisteron, Courbon above Digne-les-bains, Saint Jean above Château-Arnoux, Orpierre, to name some of the classic crags, ideal for beginners. Choosing which crag to climb at will depend on where you are staying, the time of year, the time of day and the number of outings (classes) you wish to take.



During this class you will learn:

  • to use basic climbing equipment
  • the basic safety knots
  • to climb and belay on bottom rope
  • the basic safety rules particular to single pitch sport climbing.
For children, the class will be centred on games with the opportunity for bottom rope climbing in a fun and simple fashion.

These classes are also open to occasional climbers wishing to get back in touch with outdoor climbing with the safety and encouragement of an experienced professional. These 3hr workshops can also be designed for more experienced climbers wishing to perfect and improve their performance on the rock.


All climbing material shall be provided, however, should you already have your own material (climbing shoes, harness) it is advisable that you bring them with you for your own comfort.

Personal equipment:

  • small rucksack 30-35 L.
  • water bottle/flask 1.5 L.
  • all terrain outdoor shoes
  • light trousers or shorts
  • tee-shirt, fleece top, windproof
  • peak cap, sun glasses, sun cream if necessary.


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