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Prices and dates

Free choice of accommodation in Orpierre, not organised by Salamander-climbing, see our list of useful addresses for Gites and Campsites.

In the Briancon the course will be in the gite/hotel “Les 5 Saisons” at a price of 168 – 290 € half board (breakfast, evening meal and night).

Dates 2016: 12 – 16th June (Orpierre)

You are a group of at least 4 ppl: Contact me to choose your own dates!



General condidions
Registration sheet


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Do you like climbing? Do you like massage? You’re going to love this!

In Orpierre, this climbing camp is targeted at climbers from all levels (from beginner to intermediate / advanced level). In the Briançon area, the camp is targeted at intermediate level climbers (minimum required level: 5c+ on lead) and advanced climbers (from 6b to performance level) who want to boost their technical and mental abilities, to reach for full autonomy as well as at climbers who already have initiated a progress plan and are looking at driving progress on their “on site”, difficulty and “repeating route” performances.

Climbing will be our number 1 priority during this camp, where we will work on all parameters of your technical performance in climbing. However, this camps offers you to combine “fun and fun”! 



The course can take place in Orpierre or the Briançon area. Both destinations are renowned for sunshine all year round and where, due to the various orientations of the crags it is possible to climb in the sun or in the shade, depending on the seasons and the weather.

Orpierre is one of France’s most attractive crags boasting almost 500 routes ranging from grade 3 to grade 8 with a variety of climbing styles including slabs, steep walls and overhangs.

The Briançon area, in the department of the Hautes Alpes, is known for its sunshine and blue skies 400 days a year! In summer, the alpine climate makes it an ideal spot for rock climbing. The multitude of sport climbing crags, nestled in the forests and alpine meadows, with different orientations and profiles, make it one of the best summer climbing spots in Europe.



Different aspects will be looked at depending on the clients’ climbing level and skills:

  • Rope techniques and safety rules
  • Developing technique
  • Developing self confidence
  • Introduction and developing the notions of  “on-sighting” and “working” a route.
  • Other key aspects of sending a route such as, reading, rhythm, managing effort, relaxing in the route, etc.
  • Introduction to the notion of “training” as a systematic way of improving.

The schedule and content of the course will be adapted according to the progress and evolution of each client, their level and objectives.

Every day after climbing :

Day 1 and day 4 : we’ll pamper you, we’ll “fix” your arms, neck, shoulders, hands and feet so that you can keep on climbing, at an even higher level the next day and also avoid injuries!  (particularly critical after several consecutive days of climbing). At every massage session, various professional techniques are implemented (by Beatrice, our trained sports massage therapist) to support muscles’ recovery and relaxation. Individual massage sessions’ duration will be approx. 20 minutes each of the 2 days. Massages are conducted on a professional massage couch, using special recovery massage oil.

Day 2 and day 5 : we’ll pamper you, we’ll “fix” you… but this time round : you’re on! In supervised and guided tandems, you’ll learn specific strokes and short strokes sequencesvous. Alternatively, you’ll give and receive massage for a total of 2 hours. Stroles sequences are easy to learn and are based on asian massage tehcniques. They’re conducted with clothes on, on the ground (futon or gymnastic mats).

Day 3 : Mi-week, on the rest afternoon, participants who fancy can practice massage on their own and/or book an appointment for an XL-massage session! (at extra reasonnable cost).



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