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Prices and dates

Canyon of Roannette: 39€/pers

Canyon of the Moules Marignières:55€/pers

The Riolan Canyon: 65€/pers

Price does not include transport costs.

Minimum 5 ppl required for activity to run, 8 maxi.  For groups of 8 or more, contact us

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Canyoning is an all round favourite with the public because of the playful nature of the activity. Canyoning involves the descent of a river at the bottom of a canyon including overcoming waterfalls, pools, toboggans and other such obstacles.
The descent makes use of rope techniques (abseils, Tyrolean) and natural means such as jumping, toboggans and swimming. 


If you are on holiday in the Alpes of Hautes Provence, you will have to be prepared to travel a little further to go canyoning.
Transport possible (vehicle with 8 places), to be noted at the time of booking.



The perfect initiatory canyon, posing no particular difficulty and comprising a succession of short toboggans (one of 10m), small jumps of 3 to 5m and an abseil (max 12m); it is perfectly adapted for discovering the activity as a family!

Children must be at least 10 years old, sporty and able to swim.
The canyon is located below Ancelle in the 05, 1.20hr from Château-Arnoux.

Descent time: 1.30hr - 2 hr + approach walk of aprox. 40 min.

Price: 39€/pers.
A minimum of 5 people is needed for the activity to run, 8 ppl max.
For groups of more than 8 please contact me!


An “aquatic” canyon is a more sportive way to discover canyoning, involving numerous jumps, one 8m; toboggans (one 12 m) and abseils (one 25m). Children must be at least 12 years old, sporty and able to swim. The canyon is situated approximately 2.5 hrs drive from Château-Arnoux after the pass of Lus la Croix Haute in the department of Isere. Departure in the morning, bring a picnick for after the canyon.

Descent time: 2.5hr + approach walk 5 min.

Price: 55 €/pers.
A minimum of 5 people is needed for the activity to run, 8 ppl max.
For groups of more than 8, please contact us.


The La clue de Riolan is one of the most beautiful in the region. Due to its length, long swimming sections and multiple obstacles and spectactular rock shapes, worn by the water, it has an aquatic and physical nature.

Teenagers admitted from 14 years old, provided they are sporty and are strong swimmers.

The canyon is situated 2.5hr from Digne les Bains. While it is possible to descend the canyon as a day trip, it can be nice to make the journey to the canyon the evening before and to sleep at the Auberge du Calendal in the beautiful village of Aiglan. (For reservations call:0493058232)

Departure in the morning, bring a picnic for after the canyon and energy bars for the break halfway down the canyon.

Descent time: 4 hrs
A minimum of 5 people is needed for the activity to run, 8 ppl. max.
For groups of more than 8 please contact us!
Price: 65€ /pers.


LAll canyoning equipment is supplied including wetsuit, helmet, harness, neoprene socks and canyoning rucksack when necessary.

Personal equipment (not supplied):

  • 1.5l water bottle
  • energy/cereal/chocolate bars
  • All-terrain shoes with low ankles not too loose nor too tight so that you can put a pair of neoprene socks on underneath
  • Swimming costume and towel
  • Fleece for when you get out of the canyon
Choice of schedule on request:
You are a group, of friends, business partners or other, looking for thrills and fun, we invite you to come and discover some of France’s beautiful canyons in the back country of Nice (the Roya and Vésubie valleys) and of Provence (Aiglun, Riolan… )

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss options and to put in place an individualised program and schedule that suits your needs.


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